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AccessArt Phase 2 Wrap Video, Video by Justin, Adam and Lorna, 2022. (4 min CC)

BeautifulCity 20 Year Anniversary, LaPointe, Nov 30, 2022 (1 min)

Relay 2017 Preview (Video by Justin Peterson) from Path TV on Vimeo.

KGO Mural #1 (Video by Justin Peterson and Devon Ostrom)

KGO Mural #1 from Path TV on Vimeo.

Love Letter to the Great Lakes, 2016 (Video by Justin Peterson)

A Love Letter to the Don River from Path TV on Vimeo.

Summer Journeys, 2015 Grande Finale (Video by Justin Peterson)

Pan Am Path Art Relay – Grande Finale w. Santee Smith and Tanya Tagaq from Path TV on Vimeo.

Pan Am Path – Pitch Video, 2013 (Produced by James Meers)

Pan Am Path from Path TV on Vimeo. Update, 2013 (Produced by Jawn Taboika)

MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT // BEAUTIFULCITY.CA from on Vimeo. Town Hall, 2009 (Produced by Vet) Town Hall – 1st Cut from on Vimeo.

Manifesto Festival, Recap 2009 (Produced by Hightop)

MANIFESTO 09 Recap from on Vimeo.

HousePaint at the ROM, 2008