Canadian Youth Arts Network (Gladstone Hotel 2007)


    Expo Photos

    Seventh Generation Image Makers of Native Youth & Family Services, packing up.

    Role: Chair of Youth Advisory, Head Curator

    Twenty-eight arts organizations directly participated in the visual arts programming and over one-hundred and forty youth artists had works present in both the indoor and outdoor areas. Indoors a microcosm or ‘tribes’ exhibition showcased a wide diversity of arts organizations representing different aspects of the youth arts sector. The thematic of a hospital was used in the exhibition as a framing device to show how the different areas of activity can work together to create an ecology of interdependent practices.

    Participating organizations in the expo included: Xpace,, Spacing Magazine, Milena Placentile, Robin Sokoloski, Schools without Borders, Style in Progress, Playwrights Guild of Canada, SAYAB, Taking it Global, Canadian Opera Co, YAM, Sketch, Greenest Toronto, Mural Routes, Community Arts North West Manchester UK, Freeze DNA, Fuse Magazine, Urban Arts, Regent Park Focus, Freedom Clothing Collective, Workman Arts (Centre for Addiction & Mental Health), AGO Youth Council, SOYAT (Somali Youth Association of Toronto), Canterbury High School, West End Alternative and Oasis Alternative Secondary School. Outdoors, Seventh Generation Image Makers of Native Youth Services, The Art and Social Change Program at Oasis Alternative, West-End Alternative, Harbourfront Community Centre, Patrick Thompson + The BCBF Alliance, Mural Routes, Cloud of Doubt, Dyan Marie Projects and Murmur created works onsite. Public art works were placed in the Gladstone parking lot, the Queen & Dufferin Underpass as well as multiple remote other around the Gladstone Hotel.

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