Banknotes Project (Ignite the Americas 2008)

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    Banknotes poster and enlarged works by Jenifer Rudzki-Bonnetplume (Canada) and Juan Noria Carlos (Venezuela)

    Role: Curator, Visual Arts Director of Ignite the Americas

    Over 30 banknote interventions created by young artists from up and down the Americas as part of Ignite the Americas Youth Arts Forum. The final works were auctioned for Amnesty International Banknotes are an embodiment of the dominant narrative for each nation — who and what is considered most important in the story of the nation’s existence. Artists from up and down the Americas have contributed to this project on — and inspired by the banknotes from their respective countries. Banknotes were also chosen because of the small mailing size, need to create a representative show  and because the forum’s key discussion point was the ability for artists to create wealth yet, arts programming within the actual form was underfunded.  Independent voices range from the critical and the reactionary –to the playful and abstract. Collectively, the work bends the rules and pushes freedom of expression to the forefront as a primary human right.

    The work was supported by:  Woolfitts Fine Art, Ignite the Americas, DP Group, Manifesto Festival and

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