Toronto Artmap (Manifesto 2009)

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    The raw map pieces and work example by Ward 30 – Billie Jo Tabobondong.

    Role: Curator (Coordinated by Amy Peebles)

    Artmap was a collaborative art piece by artists from each of Toronto’s 44 wards. The work was commissioned for Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture and was unveiled on September 17th at 5:30 in the Rotunda at City Hall. City Councillors and participating artists were in attendance.   Much like a giant puzzle, each artist or arts organization was given award shaped piece of an 8×17′ wooden map of  Toronto. Artists were then free to paint or rework the map piece to their desire. After being put back together and displayed, the work was disassembled and given to each corresponding councillor’s office as a reminder of the vibrancy and unity of artists across Toronto.    “Artmap is an opportunity for artists from across Toronto to connect with each other through the process and outcome. It has also been a political learning experience for many — lots of people did not know which ward they lived in or who their city councillor was before this project started” says Devon Ostrom, Visual Arts Director of Manifesto.

    The work is supported by Live with Culture and the Toronto Arts Council and has been produced with assistance from the AGO, Scarborough Arts Council, Lakeshore Arts and UrbanArts.

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