(Web, 1998-2005…)

  • website (archival)  

    Role: Co-founder (with Dylan Lane) V5 web design by Natalia Grosner and development by James O’Connor

    This website is the main hub of activity for Founded in 1998, is/was the largest and longest running organization of street artists in Canada. The archival website linked above was a landmark for the organization in 2003. Including the new design by Natalia Grosner, it also integrated innovative groupware systems developed by James O’Connor. This allowed the organization to de-centralize governance, mentorship, artist sellection and commercial activity. It also introduced new levels of democracy, automation and accountability to the membership. ranging from 3000 to 12 000 visitors a day, it continues to be a pioneer of its type but currently exists in archival format until an overdue redesign is completed.

    The mandate of the organization is to:
    – provide a community of practice, promotion and platform for artists;
    – mentor, support and develop young urban artists;
    – research and conduct urban renewal in the form of art, and
    – promote and produce art exhibits, events and festivals for the enjoyment and education of the public.

    “A talented group of young urban artists who have organized to advance art and their community as a whole.”
    – Christian Pearce, Pound Magazine, 2002

    “t.h.e.m. is an amazing resource; i’ll definitely use it more in the future.”
    – Mark Mcaan, Client / Set decorator, Mutant X Productions, 2001

    “An amazing and wonderful site, keep it up!”
    – Howard Gerry, OCAD Design Professor, 2001

    “I am honoured to be part of this organization, thank you.”
    – Juan Carlos, Participating artist, 2001

    “I think it is great that you are doing this — exposing peoples work who ordinary would not be able to afford this level of exposure.”
    – Candice King-Steward, Artist, 2000.

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