How Public Is Public Art? Jane’s Walk x Provocation Ideas Festival (2022)

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    A rolling talk around the canary district to discuss research on sensorial and physical access to creative public spaces. Co-learn new ways of understanding creative public spaces in Toronto. May 7th 2022. Image Credit: Photo by Saajid Motala, 2021.

    Role: Walk Co-lead, Co-Producer, Provocation Ideas Festival

    AccessArt’s mission is to expand who shapes and enjoys the benefits of creative public spaces. AccessArt’s mandate is to improve access to creative public spaces for deaf / neurodiverse / disabled artists. Activities include dialogue, open-source research and developing mapping solutions led, co-led and implemented by Neurodiverse / Deaf / Disabled Artists, arts workers with disabilities and allies. We aim to produce sustainable improvement to both the accessibility of physical spaces and the processes that shape our shared creative spaces.

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    Image Description: The distorted photo depicts a tangle of bent metal bars at various heights and light bulbs. In the centre is a shadow of a person that stretches off to the sides and merges with shadows of the sculpture at the centre. The image distortion is due to the photo lens used. The art piece depicted is titled: Untitled / Toronto Lamp Posts and was completed by Tadashi Kawamata in 2015. This is also the meeting point for the talk.

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