Provocation Ideas Festival | Dr. Dawn Lim (2022)

  • Outside Projections

    Innis Town Hall Exterior Wall. May 24-28, 9:00-11:00 PM

    Photos by emergency physician, storyteller and photographer Dr. Dawn Lim.

    Thank you to National Show Systems, the University of Toronto Department of Economics, and the University Health Network.

    Role: Co-Producer, Provocation Ideas Festival

    Dr. Dawn Lim
    “I love telling stories that connect the brain to the heart.

    I am an emergency doctor at the University Health Network and an assistant professor of medicine at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. I am also a freelance photographer and a non-fiction writer with a particular interest in exploring the habits that help people thrive.

    I use storytelling to shed light on the shame-based culture of medicine. I want to advocate for a sustainable workforce in medicine through a deep reflection on shame resilience, empathy, vulnerability, self-compassion, and gratitude.

    My work has been supported by a National Geographic Covid grant, and can be found in various national media outlets.”

    Full Visual Arts Program